Four-one-two :)

So hey all! :)

It’s been a while since we’ve updated this blog and it almost seems like nothing’s going on, which is a contrast to reality. We’ve been buuuusy these last few weeks and things keep heading into the right direction which is awesome.

A small recap of the last few weeks: SHSS and Rise a Thousand finshed their EP, which both turned out awesome. Phoenix’ Ashes decided to throw in another song for their EP while they’re at it and we fnished that one up as well. Upcoming weekend is the final mix session for their EP before mastering and it’s going to sound rad (check out a little movieclip they made during the last recording session on our media page).

Next band to enter the studio is Eindhoven’s  Never Say Never who play a mix of oldschool hardcore and metal, it’s going to be raaaaaaaad! :)

We’ll keep you posted!


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