We are the troops pt.1

Since getting all 9 bands together to record the cover songs on 1 and the same day proved to be difficult, if not impossible, we decided to divide the bands up over 2 days. Those days being Sunday the 11th and Saturday the 17th, both in September.

So obviously, last Sunday was the first of the ‘set’. We’ve had the pleasure of A Jupiter Hymn, Asylum, Phoenix’ Ashes, Rise a Thousand and Solace Within coming on to do their parts for both cover songs. The day certainly was a blast and a success in the simple way we got bands together to interact with one another which was one of the core points of this whole project. If you want get more impressions (videos and other photos) of last Sunday, besides the photos below, check out our Facebook page.

Upcoming Saturday will be ‘part 2′ of the cover recordings which will include the rest of the bands, stay tuned, get siked! :)


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