Another 411 + Asylum

A little update while we’re nearing the end of the project :).

We’re in the ‘wrapping up’ phase of both Merge As One, Captain and Jupiter so that’s all good. We’ve been in contact with a venue we’d love to be the host of ‘We Are The Troops’ release party and hopefully we’ll have some more info on that soon! Also, we’ve been finishing up the instrumentals for both cover songs of which one will be included on the split cd; both are going to kick ass :).

That said, we have an update regarding a band participating. Burn Brighter has called it quits quite a while ago, and while that’s a bummer, out of it’s ashes came Asylum which will take Burn Brighter’s place in this project. They play a very melodic kind of metal which will be a great addition to this project, they will be hitting the studio near the end of August.

More soon!


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