CD Releaseparty, 9th of December! pt. 2

Hey errbody!

The CD and artwork are currently at the pressing plant and we can’t wait to see (and hear ;)) the final result! Also, we’ve been doing a lot of prep work regarding the release show on the 9th of December; you already know there’s going to be a bunch of badass bands, a photobooth with awesome themes by Melvin Sam-Sin Fotografie and of course beer (or cokes..), BUT we’re also exploring the opportunities to add food (VEGAN FOOD!) and maybe even a distro to the party! Like always, we’ll keep you posted on that as well :).

Oh, there’s also going to be a shirt available which design basically consists of a mix of blood, zombie and mullet (we, know, that’s like a triple win, WTF!?) which will be available for a mere €7,50. Or you could just get a package deal consisting of a shirt + CD for €10! Yeah, we’re not in this to get rich.. ;)

We hope to see you on the 9th!


CD Releaseparty, 9th of December!


Everything has been confirmed and the release party will be held at the Willemeen on the 9th of December! So be sure to mark it in your agendas since this will be a night to remember :D. The doors will be open at 19:00 and the first 30 people will receive a free copy of the WATT CD! There will also be a photobooth made available by photographer Melvin Sam-Sin for you to get your crazy pictures on! :)

And sadly but true, sold out is sold out so get there on time! :)Line-up:
-Merge as One
-Screw Houston, Start Screaming
-A Jupiter Hymn
-Phoenix’ Ashes
-Solace Within
-Rise a Thousand

Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking & Never Say Never also work hard on this release and will be on the floor supporting the other bands and signing autographs.

This night will be all about having fun and supporting each other. So if you like having good times, you should come :)! Also, if you’re on Facebook (and we know you are) you should RSVP our little event! See you all there!!

Party time, excellent!


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