Yo no soy marinero, soy capitán..

Captain, your ship is sinking, a post-hardcore/screamo quintet from Hengelo will be laying down 4 songs in April which will be nut-bustin’ :).


A Jupiter Hymn..

A Jupiter Hymn from Geleen will also be a part of this project. They play a progressive mix of metal and (post-)hardcore and they will be recording in mid April. We’ll keep y’all updated!


Merge As One..

Almere’s Merge As One agreed to be a part of this project. They’re coming in for 4 songs and it’s gonna be rad! And loud..
Keep y’all posted!




So hey, what’s up all?

We feel now is a pretty appropriate time to look back and reflect on what this project has grown into already..

This project started out as a draft for Marloes’s MA-graduation project and swiftly turned into an ambitious project which would involve a number of bands from all over the country.  The general idea, which we’ve described more extensively in the about page,  was to bring bands together with the help of a split-cd to form a collective to serve as a means to ‘help each other out’ in the broadest sense of the term.
We experienced that some bands already seek out to each other to become ‘clicks’, or small-scale-collectives if you will, to create opportunities to play live whether it be via package-deals which would include these bands or just to ‘return the favor’ by making sure the particular venue would book the other bands as well. While this, obviously, is a very valid way to play shows as a band and reach audience, we questioned whether these bands would actually reach out to new audience in the long run. In our opinion, it’d be better to create a collective that would cover the span of this country, hence this project. We’re trying to bring bands together through this split-cd project and if all participating bands would  offer this actual physical split-cd to the audience they’ve played for, the show-goers would not only have a bad-ass cd which would include a bunch of awesome  dutch bands :), they’d have the opportunity to listen to bands that haven’t had the chance to play in that particular area yet for whatever reason.

So looking back, it’s awesome to have these 6 bands on board already, the initial ideas for the cover(s) all the bands will cooperate on seriously taking shape and there are even some ideas about a possible ‘release’ show but don’t pin us down on this yet though ;).

We’re super stoked about doing this project and we’re still looking for 2 – 4 bands that want to participate in this project.

So if you’re in a band and feel like you should be a part of this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We’ll keep y’all updated on any news and/or progression of this project.


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