Hey y’all, so here’s a little 411 on the current status of this project.

Four bands have already participated and have all recorded an EP with us, which all will turn out great. We’ll be posting some sneak previews next week so you can hear the near-end results.

Anyhow, this week we have been busy with preparing for our exams which will take place on Wednesday and Thursday. This project is among the things we will be discussing during our exam, and we’re glad we can only talk positively about it :). As we are preparing for our exams, there won’t be any recording going on at the studio, we’ll only doing a little mixing so we have some material to show the examiners. The upcoming days we’ll be trying to get around to dot the i’s and cross the t’s regarding the studio, construction-wise :).

So in a week or two we’ll start scouting for 4 to 6 bands again that can be a part of this project.
If you happen to be in a band yourself and are interested in participating with your band, drop us a line at info at wearetheartillery dot com and we’ll get the conversation going.

Again, we’ll keep you updated on the progression of the whole dealio.


Marloes & Robert,

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