Hi! So this humongous project is starting to take more shape by the day!

As of now, we’ve finished pre-production with pioneering band (regarding to this project that is :)) Phoenix’ Ashes. We’ve also recorded drums for the closing track on the split cd which will essentially be a collaboration between all bands participating in this project, it’s going to be sick for sure!

Structures have been laid out and clicktracks have been made for the 4 songs Phoenix’ Ashes are going to record next week (check the calendar). Phoenix’ Ashes is a band from aaall-the-way-down-south Kerkrade and their sound could be described as melodic metalcore (clean vocals, dual guitar riffs, heavy breakdowns), which genre both of us (Marloes & Robert) are big fans of.

Upcoming Friday we’re having a pre-production session with Utrecht’s Burn Brighter, which coincidentally also plays music in the vein of melodic metal.

Plan is to keep you guys posted on all the stuff that’s happening concerning this project, so come back every now and then to catch up!


Marloes & Robert,


This blog will be our means of communicating the process of this project to the outside world.
You can educate yourself about this project by reading the About page.


Marloes & Robert,

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