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Another 411 + Asylum

A little update while we’re nearing the end of the project :).

We’re in the ‘wrapping up’ phase of both Merge As One, Captain and Jupiter so that’s all good. We’ve been in contact with a venue we’d love to be the host of ‘We Are The Troops’ release party and hopefully we’ll have some more info on that soon! Also, we’ve been finishing up the instrumentals for both cover songs of which one will be included on the split cd; both are going to kick ass :).

That said, we have an update regarding a band participating. Burn Brighter has called it quits quite a while ago, and while that’s a bummer, out of it’s ashes came Asylum which will take Burn Brighter’s place in this project. They play a very melodic kind of metal which will be a great addition to this project, they will be hitting the studio near the end of August.

More soon!


A Jupiter Hymn #2

The men from A Jupiter Hymn came in to lay down their tunes this past weekend. While we did indeed have a jolly time with these guys, they worked their capable asses off to cram all the songs in this weekend, in which they did indeed :). The songs are melodic but heavy and have some electronics sprinkled on top!

Oh, and they will probably be posting some footage online soon somewhere which some may find incriminating.. :)


Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking

Last weekend the Captain came in to lay down some songs which sound like a mix between post-hardcore madness and post-rock sweetness, indeed pretty awesome :). We had a great time with this relaxed and funny bunch and you should definitely check this band out!

Next up is A Jupiter Hymn!


Merge As One #2

We had a blast with this young band this weekend! While being the youngest bunch of the project, these guys sure enough had their shit together which resulted in a very efficient workflow :).The songs are going to turn out great, be sure to keep your eyes out for this band!

Oh, and check out their little diary/blog about this weekend, pretty funny stuff :).


Four-one-three.. :)

Hey errbody!

Slowly, but steadily, this project is nearing it’s final stage and we’re so lucky to have been able to work with amazing bands already. With every new addition (band, that is) the final split-cd is growing ever more diverse. It’s awesome to see that all this diversity has a passion for hardcore/metal music in common, which, obviously, is one of the common denominators in the overal scheme of this project.

We had some bumps in the road but strived to keep up with overal our planning. We are hoping to release this CD in the start of summer but there’s still plenty of work to be done, for example recording, editting, mixing, mastering, artwork design, cd-pressing, artwork printing, impatiently waiting for the mail to arrive.. But we’re confident that not only we’ll be able to have it released in summer, it’ll be prih-teh awesome :).

Whether we’ll actually be able to have a ‘release-show’, time will tell as they are many factors (location, funding, playing time, etc.) but we’ll def keep y’all updated on whether it’s going somewhere or not.

In the mean time there’s still a good amount of recording to do, starting with Merge As One at the end of the month, followed by Captain, your ship is sinking and finally A Jupiter Hymn which will bring the amount of bands participating to 9..

Which, evidently, means that we still have 1 spot open for a band to be a part of this project. Get in touch if you feel your band’s up for it.

So there you go, brought up-to-date and whatnot ;)


Yo no soy marinero, soy capitán..

Captain, your ship is sinking, a post-hardcore/screamo quintet from Hengelo will be laying down 4 songs in April which will be nut-bustin’ :).


A Jupiter Hymn..

A Jupiter Hymn from Geleen will also be a part of this project. They play a progressive mix of metal and (post-)hardcore and they will be recording in mid April. We’ll keep y’all updated!


Merge As One..

Almere’s Merge As One agreed to be a part of this project. They’re coming in for 4 songs and it’s gonna be rad! And loud..
Keep y’all posted!




So hey, what’s up all?

We feel now is a pretty appropriate time to look back and reflect on what this project has grown into already..

This project started out as a draft for Marloes’s MA-graduation project and swiftly turned into an ambitious project which would involve a number of bands from all over the country.  The general idea, which we’ve described more extensively in the about page,  was to bring bands together with the help of a split-cd to form a collective to serve as a means to ‘help each other out’ in the broadest sense of the term.
We experienced that some bands already seek out to each other to become ‘clicks’, or small-scale-collectives if you will, to create opportunities to play live whether it be via package-deals which would include these bands or just to ‘return the favor’ by making sure the particular venue would book the other bands as well. While this, obviously, is a very valid way to play shows as a band and reach audience, we questioned whether these bands would actually reach out to new audience in the long run. In our opinion, it’d be better to create a collective that would cover the span of this country, hence this project. We’re trying to bring bands together through this split-cd project and if all participating bands would  offer this actual physical split-cd to the audience they’ve played for, the show-goers would not only have a bad-ass cd which would include a bunch of awesome  dutch bands :), they’d have the opportunity to listen to bands that haven’t had the chance to play in that particular area yet for whatever reason.

So looking back, it’s awesome to have these 6 bands on board already, the initial ideas for the cover(s) all the bands will cooperate on seriously taking shape and there are even some ideas about a possible ‘release’ show but don’t pin us down on this yet though ;).

We’re super stoked about doing this project and we’re still looking for 2 – 4 bands that want to participate in this project.

So if you’re in a band and feel like you should be a part of this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We’ll keep y’all updated on any news and/or progression of this project.


Solace Within..

Hey all, last weekend Solace Within from Hengelo (o) entered the studio and they came prepared :). They play a creative mix of  hardcore/metalcore/deathcore/piratecore/j-pop . We’ve tracked 4 songs which sound retardedly awesome already. There’s still some vocal tracking to be done (if this also means gang vocals is still debatable.. XD) on half of the tracks, but maaaaan it’s going to be tasty!

We’ll keep y’all posted!


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